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Re: to: 5000 anti-roll bar respondants

Another idea,which we use to good effect on competition FWD cars,but not 
specifically tried on an Audi,is to induce as much castor angle as possible 
into the front suspension.Adding positive castor will increase negative 
camber on lock,which on production cars is almost always a good thing.The 
down side is heavier steering and maybe increased tyre wear.

The fore and aft location of the bottom arm on my wifes 200 turbo lends 
itself to easy mods,so I may try this.If it works,or even if it doesn't,I 
will post the results here.

Nice to see a posting accurately explaining how adding front roll stiffness 
can,and often does,decrease understeer.A look at rear suspension kinematics 
often shows manufacturers have dialled in massive amounts of rear roll 
understeer.A Volvo 340 / 360 is a prime example of this.Dunno about the 
Audis,but it looks probable from my limited poking about under ours.

    Best Regards,
                 Chris Wilson