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RE: 87 5kcstq- Weird symptoms: hydraulic problem?

>1)  After 15 miles of 80 mph driving + 5 miles of stop-and-go + another 5
>miles of 80 mph, a front wheel shimmy becomes apparent through steering
>wheel vibration. It *feels* just like a wheel balance problem.
>2) The shimmy gets worse for the next 10 miles of 80 mph stuff, then goes
>away, but braking now requires stroking the pedal almost to the floor, the
>triangular brake warning icon in the instrument panel illuminates, and a
>warning "PEEP" sounds off. Braking effort is increased, but not by a lot.
>3) After another 5 miles of 80 mph and 5 miles of surface street driving,
>between one stroke of the brake pedal and the next, the pedal is again at
>the top of its travel and all symptoms are gone for the rest of the drive.
>It sounds like a hydraulic problem to me, perhaps accumulator and pump both.
>What's the collective wisdom of the rest of you Q heads?

Hi Larry,

	I'm only guessing, it hasn't happened to mine...yet:-( But you may have
a failing master cylinder. I believe, from previous posts that they are a two
piece plunger affair, and if one of the pistons is sticking it could be leaving
your front or rear brakes stuck slightly on causing you shimmy...although, I
always thought the brake warning icon was pressure related. Maybe when the
piston sticks it allows the pressure to bleed out of the "bomb". A lot of
supposition here, Larry. Does it pass the "bomb" test when working properly and
fail when the symptoms appear?? At least that might limit your search by one



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