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My humblest of apologies to anyone who read or took my questions regarding
Suspensions n' such as too harsh.  I have responded to many privately.  Maybe
been here too long on this list, and my fuse gets short with 20 question
games.  My quest is for knowlege too.  The easiest thing to do is to spam the
list with what I KNOW to be the truth, probably more brutal and revealing
than the way I do it now.  Getting answers takes patience, something that
might get less PC, but always with the same intent.  I refuse the spam,
always have.

I question, intensively, and share intensively as well.  That is my objective
on this list, it's here and in the archives for anyones use.  A couple folks
here post "claims" and "facts" that, to me, invite questions, sometimes
provoke them.  I really don't care what the answers are, ego aside, WHAT is
the rationale behind a "claim" or self proclaimed "fact".  Yup, I'm hard, the
side effect of hard questions seems to be ego. Knowlege in some resides
somewhere behind that wall.  And others are hard on me.  That is all fair as
far as I'm concerned.  If one checks the archives, my posts are pages long,
sharing (prolly more than I should) my tweeks, experiences and "inside"
scoops on quattros.  And for every quattro list post, at least 1 private one
goes out too, usually more.  And ALWAYS willing to discuss where I come from
on a claim, statement or "fact".  And my homework is usually completed on
anothers' statement pretty quickly, btdt2.

Anyone that has talked to me on the phone or been to my garage or shared a
beer, knows my passion, and my intense desire to LEARN.  Smoke me on a
discussion over technology on cars or based on resume?  Hardly worth the
effort.  Maybe my tolerance has decreased some.  One liners and provoking my
intensity to question wastes bandwidth and time.  

I don't spam this list or any lister.  I respect folks right to be here.  I
also expect folks that make claims or share things, to be able to handle the
questions, either off line or thru the list.  I have had both, with great
enjoyment.  There are folks here that read all the same books, have the same
understanding of racing and lots of BTDT.  Mine is no better than anyone
elses here.  I always question claims and facts, especially when after
reading all the same stuff, doing my homework and doing the btdt, it totally
contradicts the post offered.  Then, TEACH me, blowing me off won't make me
go away, just creates another question.

There is information available to anyone who desires the knowlege.  Make a
statement as you see it, draw an opinion, great.  To make a statement of FACT
or a "claim," that always draws a question, some more than others.

With the above, I will putt putt in the background for a while.  Maybe it's
time for that as well.  See more than a few of you at grattan.  


Scott Justusson, S.O.B., by definition some times more than others