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Re: G Men

In a message dated 97-03-27 11:06:00 EST, you write:

<< Phil says, "Swarfega!"
 DeWitt says, "Over here, that would be Goop."
 Jon says, "Goop? I thought it was Gunk."
 Gunk?  I coulda sworn it was Gojo!   At least all the 'muricans are 
 consistently using four-letter G words.  Probably a sign of our mentality.
 Eric >>

The tailights use butyl sealer that comes on a roll and we cut down
to 1 meter lengths... I buy the Porsche version AKD-522-009...
We thought it needed a name, so for the past half dozen
or so years it has been refered to as " Gorp ".  Hydraulic Oil
is G-002-000 so we call it Gooo or Goo 2 thousand... Wait,
this is getting out of control !

Vince Lyons