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F5 Plugs + Car Night

Well, in my search for the best price, Brad Bunch of Alfa Ricambi comes 
through again at 12.95 Each, for Quattro Club members.Pricey devils!
He's getting ready to finish up his A4 project car as well.
Hopefully he can bring it to car night at Mr. Weiss's house on April 17.

Any of you who need directions to Merkle's house in Sun Valley (CA)
can write me. It looks like a cool evening with all whacky and cool cars
invited for an appearance. Merkle has invited all Audi enthusiasts as 
well to show up. 

Thanks for all the tips I have received on questions posted. This is the 
coolest group!

Ciao 4 now

Paul Rivera
90 V8
91 200 TQW (oohh, love this car)
98 A4 1.8TQ (someday soon)