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Re: Audi #3 in JD Powers Survey!

>So, do you smell a personal bias here?  I'll fess up.  I respect "Consumer
>Reports" data gathering and analysis capability.  I don't always agree
>the conclusions _as_they_ apply_to_ my_unique_circumstances.  That's the
>distinction.  I see a lotof what I consider mindless bashing of CU, but I
>very little criticism of the data, methodology, results, etc.  In my
>it's good policy to never ignore facts, just come to your own conclusions.
 >(The above is definitely my opinion - everybody should have one -- but
>represents no vested interests)

Every word is correct, extremely amazing that we, well, some of us can
criticize CR with absolutely no base what so ever, why is it that everybody
is so convinced that the "paid" information is better than the none
commercial one as in CR, we don't have to agree with the conclusion but we
don't have to criticize the data......as we so often do....
Avi Meron