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Sediment traps

The works and parts fiches for the ur-quattro (MB) show a sediment trap (which  
Audi calls a fuel filter, just to confuse the unwary) in the line from the tank 
to the _REAL_ fuel filter.

As part of my fuel system overhaul, I planned to replace mine and ordered (I 
have it in my hand) a replacement 811 201 511D.  But on lifting the car - no 
sediment trap.
There has obviously been one - the mounting lug is present, albeit amateurishly 
bent up against the floorpan.  It is now bypassed by a single line going from 
the tank to the fuel filter.
a) Anyone got a car with a sediment trap, at 140k miles, ca. 1988?
   What's in it - does it do something useful?
b) Has anyone seen a TSB saying: "Get rid of the trap?"
c) Any other questions you might think of answering without me taking the 
   trouble to think them up?  (I know this list!)

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club