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McGuard Wheel Locks

This talk about wheel theft reminds me of a bad experience I had with
McGuard wheel locks.  For some reason, those bolts are always harder to
remove than they are to tighten.  The result?  One day I was rotating
the tires and the special key broke, leaving me with 3 wheels I couldn't
remove.  Thank goodness it didn't happen when trying to change a flat
tire on a remote location!  I ended up in a tire shop where they had to
use air-powered chisels and other tools and in about an hour I had the
ofending bolts out.  They mentioned that this happens all the time.

My advice: stay away from locks that require a special key to loosen -
get the ones that have a "locking cover" over the bolt (which you remove
before using a regular wrench) for theft deterrance and make sure they
are covered by you homeowner's insurance.

That's my .02