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URQMONSTER (Was: Dyno results....from MA)

Kwattro@aol.com wrote: 
> Saturday at HMS motorsports, Marbelhead MA....
> Of the cars that were dyno'd, the results...at the drive wheels
> 944...367 (yes, that is not a misprint) rwhp, 424 ft/lbs torque
> Now, if we can get a movement going...quattro's dynod...dynojet 
> is working on an awd system, but there isn't enough demand.

If you reference the other post I put out today, you'll see that
PowerHaus has modified and dynoed several 944Ts to 387/341/329 hp
delivered. If we also take a VERY conservative 10% to get from
the USA Stock urq 160hp flywheel, we get 144hp delivered.

Lacking an awd dyno, I bought a GTechPro to baseline the mods
to be made on the urq and 20VCQ, and get real before/after.
You input vehicle weight into the GTech, and it calculates
peak delivered HP by measuring instantaneous acceleration.
They say that peak HP will be delivered in the lower gears due
to the square effect of wind resistance vs speed, and that you
can expect +/- 3hp accuracy. They also say to take five readings 
of a few minutes each, running up to redline in each gear. Then
throw out the high and low and average the middle three.

Stock 160hp urq engine (144 delivered)
K&N Filter
Dynomax Ultraflo muffler with high flow (hgm, hgm...) kitty
Boost cranked to 11psi
Measurements taken 3/17/97, ambient 32F

	236 throw out
	202		average of 3 = 199 hp delivered
	174 throw out

AFTER (ohhhhmigodddd)-----------------------------------------
Stock 160hp urq engine (144 delivered)
K&N Filter
Dynomax Ultraflo muffler with high flow (hgm, hgm...) kitty
Removed/Replaced head
New head/valvecover/exhmanifold gaskets
All new Hoses (way big bux alone)
Replaced K26 turbo with water cooled K24
Installed Lehmann/Hoppen chip in ECU (Lehmann supposedly prepared
all the factory rallye SportQ engines in the 80s, incl Pikes Peak)
Boost cranked to 15psi
Measurements taken 3/27/97, ambient 40F

	415 throw out
	320		average of 3 = 306 hp delivered
	257 throw out

I cannot believe what an ANIMAL the car is now!!!!!!!!!
It is rough, raspy, loud, and moves with the twitch of your foot.
You can really feel the difference, (yeah twice stock), and
the boost comes on at 2000rpm now where before it was nothing
under 4000rpm. When I got home last night I said "Sue, this
car is now as fast as the 928S4 we used to have!!!!"
This morning the numbers confirmed this.

I cannot wait to see how much faster it is out of corners
and around the track. NHIS is only nine days away, I'll keep
you all posted.

A very happy (despite my stolen wheels)
83 urqmonster