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4kq vs synchro

Derek speculates:

>>I think I've got the answer to this thread since I seem to remember a full
VR6 engine swap into a 1992 GTI with a custom syncro drivetrain done by
Ron's Parts Inc. out in B.C.  This car made it into the Jan. 1996 European
Car.  The syncro system relies on a viscous coupling which is basically a
sealed can filled with fluid and a driveshaft.  There's a number of discs on
this rotating shaft that allign with corresponding discs on the inside of
the can, here's where the magic trick happens.  When the shaft and fluid
filed can rotate at the same speed, so do the slotted discs as the fluid is
kept at a low viscosity.  When the two halves rotate at different speeds, a
fluid friction lock occurs to enage the rear drivshaft.  Thus, the rear
wheels are driven only during front wheel slip or hard acceleration.  The
purpose of syncro is to aid traction part-time aid.  

Audi content:  This is not the quattro awd system. 

1989 90Q
1992 GTI 16V<<

And I recount from experience, again and again: only kinda :-)

Please folks, stop it.  This is wrong.  Go look under one.

The 1984-87 VW synchro wagon was not the VW synchro system.  It was the ONLY 
synchro that
was a re-badged Audi quattro system.  exception to rule. Not synchro.  Not 
fluid based.
Center differential.  Made by audi.  Not my opinion.