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Problem Q-Lister

Please consider this a formal complaint against the following users
subscribed to your service:
   Please request that your users cease and desist harrassment over the
internet to private addresses.
   Full documentation will be provided upon request.

Single sample:

Yeah your very nice.  So was Yo Mama last night. Talk about plug and
torque. Yes she does make for a good weekend.  She is the most proper b**ch
I've had!!

I am waiting for your response Mr. Royal-a*s!!!

P.S. maybe you should start calling me Daddy!  It's possible?
P.P.S. nice filter h*mo

Sorry for the BW...I just thought that the list ought to know.
   Flexx944 is "Mel" who has refused to identify himself.  You may remember
him from the "trailer hitch" letter.
   I have been receiving harrassing mail since I asked him privately to
stop complaining about the fact  that
   folks were angry about the "hitch" letter and just let it go to spare
the list.
   A copy of this letter has been sent to AOL.
   This should be my last public comment on the issue.

Thanks.......and again sorry for the BW.