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Wash. DC, Black Coupe on MacArthur Blvd, 5:30pm?

Any of you gear heads driving a black Coupe GT outbound on Macarthur Blvd around 5:30 
tonight?  I passed in my mechanic's Silver '81 5kd (sturdy, buy boring) while my 
Coupe's in his care.  Looked like a solid car!  

BTW, I will have 2 orig. control arms for sale from the '86 Coupe.  Don't think 
they're damaged at all, just the labor of getting new bushings in there was kind of 
prohibitive (only $40 a piece for the newuns'!).

Jonathan Monetti
A shaking, shuddering, wandering 86 Coupe GT, 84k


If you ever see me in a Honda, for God sakes, shoot me.