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Re: VW synchro vs 4000Q

In a message dated 97-03-27 22:10:20 EST, VINCELYONS writes:

<< Are you sure ?  I thought the syncro used the viscous diff.  Something
 about a silicon glop ( there I go again ) that when there was slip it
 would heat up, when it heated up it got to be like a solid or something
 instead of torsen or old type sliding sleeves etc... >>

Syncro is VW's tradename for all-wheel drive, regardless of the technology
employed.  In the case of the Golf, Jetta and Vanagon/Eurovan, it is a
viscous coupling system.  In the case of Quantum and the new B5 generation
Passat, it will be an Audi based system (aka quattro).

Of course it gets more complicated.  Audi has traditionally used the three
differential system which we have been acustomed to calling quattro.
 However, in the A3 and TT (which are based on VW's next-generation Golf
platform -- perversely called the A4 platform internally!) will use a
VW-style viscous coupling all-wheel drive system.

So what it is coming down to is that neither "quattro" or "Syncro" define a
particular system architecture.  They simply indicate which manufacturer has
its name on the car.