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RE: bad bomb?

My own guess is that it isn't the bomb; if after the car is running, the
warning light goes out, and you can stop the car with what feels like
normal brake effort without the light reappearing, I would say the system
 is holding pressure and not the cause of the ABS actuation.

Does the car pull to one side under braking?  Might try big flat,open, 
parking lot, get it up to approx. 25 MPH, take hands off wheel, and 
brake.  If car pulls to one side, one caliper is braking harder than the 
others, and caussing your problem (or, possibly, one has oil/grease
on it and isn't braking, making others work harder).  Also, are all tires
evenly worn and pressurized properly?   One wheel out of alignmentor one tire
underinflated could cause that wheel to lock prematurely.

Ray Calvo (porsray@aol.com)
1990 Coupe Quattro

(reply to):
I have a 1990 200 turbo with what i believe is a bad bomb.   I checked
the archives, and many of the symptoms seem to match.   However, I have
a question regarding the effects of a bad bomb on the ABS system.   My
ABS activates at the end of braking.   Is it possible that this ia a
result of a bad bomb, or do i have two problems now?   We checked all
the wheel speed sensors.   We replaced one of them, but the problem
persisted.   If anyone can help with input it would be greatly

Reid Meyer
'90 200t (129k)
'81 5ks (r.i.p.)