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Re: Sport Seats for 200

At 02:30 PM 3/28/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>Was at the bone yard this morning and found a set of black leather sport 
>>seats from a 1989 200 wagon. The leather seems to be in good shape, not 
>>sure about the internals. If anyone is interested, I'll tell you where they 
>>are and such. The guy wanted @500 for the set.
>WOW he's proud of those seats!  That's a "little" high.
>Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
>St. Louis, MO
I agree that deals are to be had on used Audi parts, and I have paid far,
far less for perfect leather interiors, but $500 for a pair of leather
seats, sport or not is cheap.  You couldn't buy a pair of bottom of the line
Recarros (sp?) cloth manual seats for that!  Again, we typically see lower
prices on these items because their AUDI parts.  Toyota leather seats would
probably fetch more $$$!

Parts for the 200 series Audis seem to fetch more than the EXACT SAME parts
off a 5000.  I've seen '89 200T Mac-11 computers sell for much more than '88
5000T Mac-11 computers!

Just my $0.02.


John Karasaki

Audi Quattro Fanatic