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Re: What is going rate for body work????

In a message dated 97-03-29 10:34:07 EST, you write:

<<  Breeze (my girlfriend, if you don't know already)
 was rear ended yesterday in the 90s and the insurance company won't pay more
 than $26/hr labor for the body work.  The shop I've used before and plan to
 use again(best place around) charges $28/hr. Adjuster claims that is
 unusually high, and doesn't want to pay it.   He will pay the $28 neverless,
 since it's my car and my way.  I don't think the rate is "unusually
 high"......what do you all say?

Try getting your plumbing repaired for evan $28.00 @ hour !!!

Let's see... if someone is paid $14.00 an hour. Other 
employment expenses for the employer, SS tax and
workmans comp stuff probably close to double it....

Heat, lights, utilites, taxes, insurance, rent and 
even enviromental waste expenses these days...

Ah !!! I understand !!! The adjuster thinks the black 
hearted capitalist body shop owner should pay for
the privilage of handling his business !!!

Guess what ??? 

I want the grunt who does the work on MY car 
to be making a little more than 14.00 @ hour.

Vince Lyons