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New A6 on Top Gear

Hi all,

Last Thursday's Top Gear show had, among others, a test of the new A6.
Audi fan Jeremy Clarkson tested the FWD 1.8 5V and a quattro 2.8 (?). While
very positive about the car's comfort and handling qualities, Clarkson
remained unconvinced of the A6 as a BMW 5-series-beater. According to him,
it didn't have the power, or the sharp, sporty feeling the 5 has. He did
however like the looks, the interior the smooth engines, and the capacity
for relaxing highway cruising. The burgundy car they showed looks
absolutely gorgeous- IMHO the rounded shape of the new A6 looks better
(i.e. less heavy) in dark colours.

As an aside, Audi Germany has chosen to make use of modern technology to
market their cars, with a nice 'test drive' CD-ROM of the A3. Thanks to a
co-lister, I've been admiring the ins and outs of all A3 models, in some
nice stationary as well as moving shots, and a well-thought out overview of
the tech specs. Too bad they won't market them here- I've asked. For Audi
fans visiting Germany- this is the Audi item to get from your dealer! BTW-
there are separate CDs for the PC and the Macintosh. One of the best
multimedia productions I've seen in a long time.



 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands

           "The prince wants your daughter for his wife."
              "Well, tell him his wife can't have her."
                                         -- Blackadder III