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Re: UFO's --- again

Another reason to be cautious about UFO brakes (no comet references please):

After leaving my car parked for about 4 1/2 weeks, I picked it up and drove off.
I had pulsing when braking which I attributed to a perfectly normal light coat
of rust on the rotors.  When the the pulsing did not stop and actually increased
to a shudder of the entire car (the rear seat passengers could feel it) when
braking I pulled the rotors.

The rear rotors were immaculate,  shiny and smooth.  The front rotors were a
different story.  There was some light pitting on the inboard side of the rotor,
but the outboard side (inside the "dish") there was still significant pitting.
I complained to the dealer since the rotors were only 9 months old and had less
than 10k miles.  He said rust isn't covered, but recommended that I drive on
them a little longer and make some high speed stops to heat up the metal and
accelerate the wear.

After two more weeks, and a trip to Austria, the brakes were worse than ever.  I
pulled them again and did some quick estimates:  the pitting was to a depth
roughly equivalent to eight months wear.  ("Wear" groove on outer rim as a
guide).  There was no way I was going to drive on these for eight months, so I
traded the rotors in, pending analysis at the factory whether I pay or not.

Any ideas as to why the fronts are so much more prone to rust than the rears?  I
thought the enclosed nature of the rotor might be the culprit, but the UFO rotor
is not that different than a disc/wheel combo.  Maybe more metallic brake dust
gets trapped in there, providing more "seeds" for rust on the rotors?  Does
anyone know if the front rotors are made of a different alloy?

Message text written by  Huw Powell:
>>Umm, are there any washer/dryer enthusiasts?

  Six years and a door switch, heater element and washer motor later, I still
think they are wonderful.  The only  drawback was that the $180 replacement
motor was a single speed and I no
longer have a true "gentle" cycle.

end Huw's quote

That wasn't you looking for the 20v motor?  Are the Maytag's belt or chain
drive?  Do you have trouble with "uppity" GE owners saying their laundry is
cleaner than yours?  I've got a really cool euro-spec washer with a stainless
steel drum, but it's 220v/50Hz....

Substitute "door handle" for "switch", put a "seat" in front of heater element
and any kind of electric motor and you're still talking Audis....

Joe Yakubik