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Re: What is going rate for body work????

On Sat, 29 Mar 1997 VINCELYONS@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 97-03-29 10:34:07 EST, you write:
> <<  Breeze (my girlfriend, if you don't know already)
>  was rear ended yesterday in the 90s and the insurance company won't pay more
>  than $26/hr labor for the body work.  The shop I've used before and plan to
>  use again(best place around) charges $28/hr. Adjuster claims that is
>  unusually high, and doesn't want to pay it.   He will pay the $28 neverless,
>  since it's my car and my way.  I don't think the rate is "unusually
>  high"......what do you all say?
>   >>
> Try getting your plumbing repaired for evan $28.00 @ hour !!!
> Let's see... if someone is paid $14.00 an hour. Other 
> employment expenses for the employer, SS tax and
> workmans comp stuff probably close to double it....
> Heat, lights, utilites, taxes, insurance, rent and 
> even enviromental waste expenses these days...
> Ah !!! I understand !!! The adjuster thinks the black 
> hearted capitalist body shop owner should pay for
> the privilage of handling his business !!!
> Guess what ??? 
> I want the grunt who does the work on MY car 
> to be making a little more than 14.00 @ hour.
> Vince Lyons
Forgive my ignorance, but are body shops usually far cheaper than
mechanical work where labor fees are computed? The shop I trust my 5kcs to
when I don't trust myself charges $45/hr and that's less than the local
Audi dealer. Cheapest place in town asks $35/hr. Opinions?

who wants the grunt to make more than $14 but wishes he didn't talk about
his trips to Europe sooo much:)