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Radiator Fan fuses?

When I had the '85 4KS, I noticed that if the radiator fan was on as I
was turning the car off, the fan would usually stay on.  When I got my
90CS in 93 (US by the way, if it matters) I noticed that the radiator
fan would not stay on when the car was turned off.
No problem, I thought.  New car, new technology, etc.

As I was in the fusebox recently checking a different fuse, I noticed 2
fuses missing: #'s 5 and 21, I think (may be wrong; this was a few weeks
ago; for some reason this thought just connected today).  The cover of
the fusebox and the users manual (that little stinkin' thing that's in
the glovebox) said that both of those were related to the radiator fan
low speed setting.

Does anyone know if these two fuses are missing for a reason?  Might
this have something to do with the fact that the radiator fan doesn't
stay on when the car is turned off?  Or maybe (OK, stretching it quite a
bit here; just wishful thinking) the speaker problems I've always had
with the radio?  (oh please don't start another 'Audi Radios Suck'
thread, oh please...)