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Bought a micro-fiche viewer.

Dear AQListers,

Bought a mico-fiche viewer at a yard sale the other day--$30!  This, in
anticipation of being about to buy the fabled Bentley on fiche.  Can anyone
supply same?  We have a stable of two (lovely) 1990 200tq, a sedan and a
wagon, both in their "prime."  

One other thing to note:  In posting for advice on buying a replacement set
of coil springs for the 200 sedan, a gentleman on the list kindly offered
me a slighly used replacement set at very minimal cost.  He packaged and
sent UPSed them, I'm sure, even before my check arrived.  It was a most
courteous and enjoyable exchange.  In an age of incivility and
"screw-u-jack-ism", I find the mind-set of most Q-listers positively
refreshing.  Makes owning Audis even more of a pleasure, if that's possible.  

Doug Terman, Telecom Ops Mgr.
Antilles Engineering, Ltd.
snail:   PO Box 318, VT 05674, USA
voice:  (802) 496 3812
fax:       (802) 496 3814