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>As a test, he installed a ABD Q-flow (a K&N cone filter) on
>the car.  Net result?  The GTI LOST 12 hp, and more torque.  That's right,
>and it was repeated to ensure the accuracy.  2nd time, the car lost 11 hp.
 >After this was performed, a Neuspeed tuned VR6 Corrado mounted the dyno.

if you were right here, I would give a "loving hug", I have been
continuously saying that the whole K&N filter "downgrade" is just that... a
downgrade, not an improvement. I sent countless posts to people telling
them just that......
Finally somebody that actually witness a test..... not just advertising
"bull" that we are so prone in swallowing "hook line and sinker".........

Avi Meron