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Re: My Ins Co. Stinks

Audi200TQ@aol.com wrote:
> Just in case anyone is interested, my 1990 200 Quattro that was in an
> accident August of 1996, is still not repaired.  LIBERTY MUTUAL insurance co.
> still denies the damages are related to my accident.  I went by the Audi
> dealer today to visit my oh so missed 200 and I took a real good look at the
> front end.  That front end just isnt straight.  The bumper is still slightly
> arched and the supposed new bumper cover has two dimples on it that are
> clearly noticeable. The grill and all its neighboring parts just dont line
> up.  Not to mention the rediculous paint overspray on the grill.  Whats a guy
> to do?  I baby this thing and just like that, some pieca sh## body shop puts
> it right into the crapper.
>       For those of you who dont know the story, I had an acident seven months
> ago and there is still so much damage and poor workmanship.  ie: two oil
> leaks, warped front end, missing alternator belt, no hood seal, radio is
> stuck in safe mode, windshield wipers are innoperable, under the hood light
> fell out, and on and on and on.  I normally dont go this route, but I have
> not had use of my 200 for seven months now, and I intend to begin filing a
> lawsuit.  If anyone can offer any suggestions, I need all of the help I can
> get.  I have already contacted the DA's office, The Boston Globe, Liberty
> Mutuals home office, The Insurance Commisioner office, and now I drive around
> with a nice big sign on the back of my other car that says exactly what I
> think of Liberty Mutual and its practices and I intend to leave it there for
> a while.  Is there anything left to do but sue?

More Liberty Mutual BS......don't let them know you are connected to the
Quattro club.  They have been known to cancel people's house insurance
because they owned and raced cars!!!!!  They threatened to cancel all
our insurances when they found out that the car on the trailer that we
towed was a race car.  Go for them!!!! They are conniving A--H---S!!!!!