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	Couple days ago replaced the worn rotors and poor slag master 
pads on the 200.  Great experience, top to bottom.

	Started with a call to Paul Westin at Westin Motorsports.
	Phone:  (610) 558-0631.  If there is a nicer retail parts guy out
there, I haven't met him yet.  Paul is great to deal with.  Cool Carbon 
greens for the front, blues for the rear.  Greens are part # CC419G [I 
think], but you won't need part numbers when you call him.  Gives listers 
a 10% discount on the pads [he sells rotors too], and he tossed in a 
liter of ATE Super Blue Racing brake fluid [536 degree boiling point] for 
free!  Parts got here when promised, and trusted me for a check in the 
mail.  Highly recommended.

	Since I needed to be in St. Louis anyway, called up STEADIRIC for 
my rotors and various other parts [WOT Switch; Multi-Function Temp. 
Sensor]. Stopped by Imparts for some stuff [Petosin, etc].  Yet another 
great place to do business.  If you need Audi parts, check this place 
first.  Never too busy to fill an order ASAP.  Talk with either Victor or 
Jim 1-800-325-9043.  Fax:  1-800-525-9043.  Store is at 9330 Manchester 
Road, St. Louis.  Homepage:  http://www.imparts.com.  Hey, Imparts, these 
guys deserve a raise!  Excellent help.  Feel free to use my name if you 
buy parts there, but you will get a mucho better deal if you tell them 
Eric Fletcher sent you.  Highly recommended.

	Dropped the car off at Bob Volpe's shop phone (314) 388-5807.  
This place was where the install of the STEADIRIC suspension took place 
and they are terrific. Volpe obviously knows that 99% of business depends 
on repeat customers.  You get in when they say you will, and you get out 
when they say you will---and the work is done RIGHT!  Volpe, like most of 
us, seems to have an addiction for quick cars.  Got a ride in his 
Calloway Twin Turbo Alfa GTV6.  Car really hauls as*.  Wasn't watchin' 
the watch, but car was on the lift for about 1 1/2 hours.  Changed all 4 
rotors, pads front and back, drained the brake fluid with Eric's very 
cool pressurized thingamajig.  Gotta get one of those.  Shop then did a 
little exhaust work, etc.  If you are within a couple of hours of this 
place, and need exhaust, brakes, etc.,  get there!  BTW, Volpe is working 
on ordering some pretty neat exhaust stuff for the 200---he is sooooo 
easy to work with.  Highly recommended.

	Finally, tip of the hat to our sometimes blunt [ok, always 
blunt:)] Eric Fletcher.  Man, this guy rules in St. Louis when Audi parts 
are needed.  Between his connections at Imparts and Modern Imports, if 
you need a part for the Audi's, BAM, it is there.  While I was talking to 
Dave Volpe at the shop, I turned around and Eric had swapped out the WOT 
switch and multi-function temp switch in, I kid you not, less than 5 
minutes.  I turn to ask where I put the parts and he says "already on the 
car".  This is the 3rd time I have dealt with Eric in St. Louis, and I am 
always running a couple of hours behind when I get there.  Each time I 
e-mail him about something to throw on the car, the part is there, the 
shop time reserved, and there is no bullshit about it.  Highly recommended.

	About the cool carbons.  After giving them a few easy 
applications, and driving about 100 miles, got on to testing them the 
only way you can:  HARD.  Man, these things are great!  Before installing 
them, I thought seriously about putting on some aftermarket brake 
upgrade [bigger = better?].  All I can say is this, if you do most of 
your driving on the street, with maybe a few track events thrown 
in---save your money on the big brakes.  Call Paul Westin and buy these 
cool carbons [name is about to change, I believe].  Difference between 
the CC's and good rotors with good [shape that is] slag Masters is night 
and day.  Braking is right now, every time.  Wet, dry, cold, hot, makes 
no difference.  Tiny bit of brake squeal when applied cold at low speed, 
sure some brake dust, but really, these things should be on every car on 
the road.  You gotta buy these brakes!

	Sorry for length, great experience.  BTW, I owe none of these 
guys anything, and they don't owe me.  Just the way your car should be 
worked on.

	Bruce  [0-100-0 happening much quicker now]