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Audi at NY Auto Show

Nothing that interesting from Audi.
Cutaway versions of the 5v V6 and V8.
Hot blue A4 avant on a turnstile.
Couple of A8s, one on a turnstile.
No execs there, save for one product guy.
He says that the first avant will indeed be
the V6 30v with Tiptronic, however, other
configs are possible and have not been finalized.
Good news I think.  If you want a 1.8tq avant 5sp,
as I do, then email Audi and let them know.

Other tidbits... the Volvo 5cyl 2.3 turbo with AWD.
Hmm, wonder where you guys got that idea?
The new Volvo coupe (from the movie "The Saint")
was on display and is the first decent looking
Volvo since the P1800 I think.

Subaru's 2.5GT is nice but for 24k the seats are way
too soft, lack bolsters, and the quality is not
there.  They did have the Impreza 2.5 in a new 2dr
config which resembles the WRX.  They tell me the
WRX is not "clean" enough for the US and will likely
not make it here.  Oh well. Their new "Forester" SUV 
is damn ugly.

Bruno Kreibech's TQC was on display at the entrance at
the NY SCCA booth.  I snapped a picture with it, and will 
put it on the page soon.  It was funny, I remarked to my
friend "you know, the last time I stood next to this
car it was 1982, I was 11 and Michele Mouton was driving
it!" (Portugal).  

Lots of SUVs (the 'it's got balls' award goes to Ford for
their Ford Taurus wagon with knobby tires, 6" or so of
lift, SHO V8 under the hood, and lots of off road gadgets
like a shovel that clips into the drivers door).
All in all, worth the $8 if you are in the area.  
I might even go back next week...

| Dan |