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RE: A good Rain Tire?

In a month or two, I am replacing the tires on my stock 86 4kcsq. What
would be the best _rain_ tire?  Size would be 195/60/HR 14.

[]  I happen to be a tire salesperson with Tire America in Ohio.  Personally I drive on the Dunlop D60 A2s.  The Dunlop's handle themselves very well in all weather.  What makes a tire good in the rain are the channels in the tire.  The fastest way for water to vacate your tire is in a straight line.  Tires with more distinct "aqua" grooves do better in the rain.  Again, the tires that I will recommend to you and others are only the ones that I sell and have familiarity with.  The Yokohama S305 is probably the next step up from the D60 A2.  It uses more aqua channels and has a great ride.  The top of the line would be a Mich. MXV4, great all around tire but quite pricey.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a note back.