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fuel filter

In message <970330034141_512579348@emout07.mail.aol.com> Raudi83TQ@aol.com writes:

> You mentioned a fuel filter to catch production dirt in the urq. I thought
> that was a screen filter at the input to the fuel distributor, not the
> pre-pump filter at the rear. The one up front was to be removed at the first
> dealer check on our side of the pond. If missed it can reduce fuel flow over
> time.

Interesting.  Even the 1989 revision of the ur-quattro service microfiche
has the pre-pump filter (it's only a trap) in the illustrations, and the
German documentation for the MB lists it as an item to check.

I guess _any_ filter will reduce flow over time if it's missed.  The
first check mandated on the fuel system for the MB is a flow test, by
undoing the return line and exercising the pump.  900ml in thirty
seconds is required.  Actions on failure include replacing the sediment
trap.  The paper updates to the German microfiche don't mention removing
it, and it's still indicated on the 1992 parts schematic for the MB.

 Phil Payne

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