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Re: Why?

Phil Payne wrote:
> Have you seen the "hedgehog on the road" commercial?

	No. I don't think it is shown to us "dumb colonials" over here. If it
was running in N. America, I'd know since I am busy watching CNN, on
which German automobile companies prefer to advertise due to the median
annual income and average intelligence level of its viewers, 24/7 hoping
they tell me "what a hedgehog is," and also waiting for a wildlife show
on badgers to air 'cos this dumb colonial "can't be bothered to work out
what a badger is."

Raudi83TQ@aol.com wrote:
> . . . . . . . . .  I'll try to remember to fill that dish of
> cream for 'em before getting into why my alternator is screaming.

	You trying to fill someone's dish with cream before getting in is
probably why your alternate is screaming.   .....Don't ask  ;-)

Phil Payne also wrote:
> But the Audi commercial is _superb_.  The fun bit starts _after_ the car stops
> in front of the hedgehog, when the world inverts.  The leaf (butterfly, say
> some) falls off the hedgehog's back - the hedgehog looks up (down?) in alarm
> and drops like a stone, and the A4 stays where it is.
>                        "Roadholding.  By quattro"

	IMHO, and I am taking the fact that I haven't seen it myself into
consideration by using my 'dumb' imagination, not even close to the
class and wit displayed in BMW's 'Why float through life, when you can
drive!' 5-Series ad. And class is also bubbling over in MB's new ads
that use great visual analogies such as a man desparately running to
keep up with a cannonball hurtling across a dry lake-bed only to be
suddenly paced by a SL, photographed, and then left literally in the
	Your Audi entry into our virtual competition seems to me like it would
be cute or cartoonish, and not classy, witty, or even visually
good-looking. I picture a RoadRunner-like screen-play with a full facial
of the hedgehog looking up, then down, then directly at camera/viewer in
shock with eyes wide-open as he abruptly begins to fall. Am I close? I
want to see Audi change its ad agency and strategy, soon.

My opinions, not yours.

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