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BMW vs Audi handling (was: Why?)

In message <Marcel-1.08-0331200428-0b0a*qQ@sparkg.wave.co.nz> Greg Spark writes:

> Actually in all recent comparos I've read the BMW has been described as
> the most sports-like handling because of its RWD configuration.

In yesterday's Sunday Times, the reviewer of the A6 posed the question: "Is 
this car better than the BMW 5 series?".
His own answer was "not quite".  He admitted that performance was 
"comparable", and then proceeded to list all the things that _did_ make the 
A6 better than the BMW 5 series, and not one shortcoming:
     "... rear wheel drive gives the BMW a more sporty character."   

Fine.  Then:
     "Though most car makers have given it up, I remain convinced
      by four-wheel drive for high performance cars.  The car that
      I drove also had ESP - a very sophisticated electronic 
      stability control which I know from track tests with other 
      cars to be a brilliant feature.  Driven as hard as I dared 
      on normal but damp roads, it was never invoked; the quattro
      system provides that much margin of safety."
He then praises the interior redesign to the skies, and says the outside finish 
is every bit as good as BMW.   

But, it seems, "not quite" as good overall.  What can you do with these people?

At least he was honest in the details.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club