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Re: Bought a micro-fiche viewer.

> supply same?  We have a stable of two (lovely) 1990 200tq, a sedan and a
> wagon, both in their "prime."

	Aaawwwwwwwwe, isn't that cute. ;-) Actually, I have always dreamed of
matching Audis for me and my S.O. I would love an Alpine White 4KCS
quattro with the 'white-out' package to match my Comm. Design C-GT. Ahh,
what a great day that will be - a 4 door quattro for situations deemed
necessary and my 'sports car.' So no, I'm not making fun of you, just
poking fun at you and your written admiration for your own collection.
(No e-mails about how the 4K q is just as much a 'sports car' as the
C-GT please. I know it is, I was refering to the image of the 2-dr.)

> One other thing to note:  In posting for advice on buying a replacement set . . .
>  . . . . . . . . . . . even before my check arrived.  It was a most
> courteous and enjoyable exchange.  In an age of incivility and
> "screw-u-jack-ism", I find the mind-set of most Q-listers positively
> refreshing.  Makes owning Audis even more of a pleasure, if that's possible.

	No matter how old my '86 Coupe GT gets, I continue to enjoy it daily,
finding different characteristics to love and more idiosyncrasies to
understand and fix. To me ownership is to belong to a secret club of
intelligent and unassuming individuals that all know one thing: one of
the greatest marques in automobile history offers an extremely solid and
well-rounded luxury-performance car built to outlast all the abuse a
driver can dish out while continuing to be one the greatest values ever
available! The usually unassumming and extremely reasonable typical
owner seems to abhor unnecessary attention and loves to be the sleeper,
and some of that no-nonsense character will show through in their daily
life. I find when dealing with another Audi owner, it does not matter
whether we are in our cars or not, the same positive traits, some of
which you mentioned above, always shine through! It is great...and I
cannot imagine it any other way. For example, I wouldn't want a free
ticket to the world of a Mustang owner - to think of all the
Ford-driving people that I have met and how they usually come across
makes me shudder. Uhhh Huhhuuhh. Just my experience, yours may differ.

Thinks it's possible. :-)

Progressively sprung with H&Rs, gas-charged with KYBs, stopped
with Brembo discs, and jolted to life by Jacob's Electronics is
my Alpine White Commemorative Design Coupe GT with Red Leather!