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Re: A smoking '90 CQ?!? No....

> Date:          Sun, 30 Mar 1997 23:50:19 -0500
> From:          Ramana Lagemann <elmool@tiac.net>
> To:            quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject:       A smoking '90 CQ?!? No....

> Hello and Happy Easter Audi folks!
> Not intentionally wanting to start another "...smoking Coupe..." thread,
> I am going to make this as short as I can.
> I checked the oil in my '90 CQ at the local Mobil today while filling
> up, and according to the dipstick, I was as low as I could or, for that
> matter, should be. I poured the little Castrol Syntec 5W-50 that I had
> in my trunk and headed to Auto Palace, where I poured in three more
> quarts of the same synthetic stuff into the engine. I did NOT recheck
> the oil level with the dipstick. Yes, I probably overdid it, but I was
> startled because the oil level seemed so low.
> So my question for you is, what exactly happens when you overfill the
> engine oil? (Yes, I am well aware of who the true dipstick in this case
> is...)
> -Ramana
> Ailing '90 CQ

Can't say from personal experience but I know that there are stickers 
all over my cars that say that overfilling oil may damage the cat.

87 Coupe GT