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I just saw a report in "The Golf" about a new line of Spax threaded body
dampers.  They use 2.5" springs (the article states that this is a common
spring diameter in racing -- I don't know if it's true, it's just what they
say).  Anyway, the things allow adjustable ride height and the dampers are
adjustable.  They look to be a pretty neat set up.

Price was BP700 or so for the set.  Don't know if this included springs.
Cheaper than the other ones mentioned here a little while ago (forgot the

Does anybody have an opinion about the Spax stuff?  I know they're more
popular in Europe than in the States.  In fact, they're virtually unknown
here (except for those who follow the various Ron's Parts project cars in EC).

I'll copy (meat of) the article if there's interest.  Any input on the
durability or functionality of Spax products from the list's suspension
gurus would be appreciated.

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