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Re: should the wot switch "click", opinions on Beartrackers?

> 1. Should the wot switch on a 90 200 q "click" at wot? The resistance on mine
>    reads 3.0 ohms from about 7/10 to wo throttle, but the change from inf. 
>    resistance to that reading is not accompanied by a click, such as occurs
>    with the idle microswitch. Also, the 3.0 ohms seems too high.

No it shouldn't - the WOT connection is made by a springy piece of 
metal, not a microswitch like the idle switch.

The springy piece of metal gets corroded and goes open circuit. 3 
Ohms sounds like the thing has a little oxide on it.

You can rip these things open, clean off the rust and seal-em up 


Nick Craft
Siemens Corporate Research
Princeton, NJ