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Re: Hydraulic System costs...

dave sez:
>>pump to rack hose                    90.00   (Autozone model that leaks -
then john sez:
>I called a local hydraulic hose maker.  He said that he could re-use my
>fittings and make every hose I needed for $20 each, while I waited!  I
>didn't do this on the totalled wagon; will on the new wagon.  There probably
>is a similar manufacturer in your area.  I'd try them before I spent $45 on
>a low pressure hose!

i had a leaking pump-to-rack hose and didn't want to go for the gold
plated audi version.  this was right after dave's $20 hose gave about $1
worth of usage.  i bought a hose out of a junked audi, took it to a
local "hose maker", actually an aircraft supplier-type in the old
lockheed skunkworks neighborhood, and asked him what he could do.
he cut off the ends, had them cleaned and replated, welded on new
fittings, used overspec'ed hose, and covered it with a silicon-based
sleeve for heat and abrasion protection.  for $50-60, i expect it will
outlast the rest of the HP system.
actually that doesn't sound so impressive...   =8)

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