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Re: Replacing Fog Lamp

"David Torrey" <rne905@MAINE.MAINE.EDU> write:

<< This is on a 1993 100CSQW.  Anyone have any experience in replacing 
this unit?  I've checked it out visually and it appears to be more 
than a trivial matter.  Bentley manual still not out yet.  Are there 
any other manuals available for this model? >>

The Bentley is out for the '92-'97 100/S4/S6/A6.  It's not cheap.

I have replaced one fog light glass on my '93 100CSQ.  You are right,
it's not that trivial.  

Pull out the grill between the fog lights.  It comes right out - no
screws.  Remove the 2 screws you now have access to on the fog light
assy.  Unscrew the back cap and remove the wires.  You now have it on
your lap.  Remove the 2 screws that hold the assy together. Make a mark
on the adjustment screw so you know about where it was, and unscrew it
all the way until it is out of the bulb assy.  This bulb/lens assy is
held in by what looks like two pieces of rubber fuel line (I'm totally
serious!).  With needle nose pliars, pinch the hose together and
manipulate it out of it's holder. Since the glass was broken anyway, I
removed all the glass so I could leverage it out with my finger on one
side while pinching the hose. That concludes the easy part.  You then
have to remove the adjustment screw from the old housing.  I think it's
glued in.  I had a hell of a time removing it.  I seem to recall cutting
up the old glass/plastic assy to get it out.  If I had to do it over
again, I would probably opt to buy a new one to go with the new glass

Send me email if you have any more questions.


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