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4000Q cold start stumbling

        I put my 874kq into a shop in Exeter, NH to check out the fuel
injection system on my car. I thought that might be to blame for a
cold-start stumble that would occur for the first 4-5 seconds before the
idle would stable out.  and after that the car typically would be very jerky
until it warmed up.  
        As it turns out, the real culprit is the seals around the injectors.
apparently they were on the worn side so that when the engine was cold, the
seals were as hard as a rock letting excess air into the engine causing the
stumble.  Of course this would explain the stumble going away as the engine
heated up because the seals would expand and stop the excess air coming in
to foul up the mixture.  
        Any other listers experience this problem?