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Re: Audi + Girl = Bankruptcy

On Mon, 31 Mar 1997, John P Mahala wrote:

> few little tykes with the same impeccable tastes as I have.  (God help me
> if my son wants to drive a Geo when he grows up.)
First of all, congrats!!

I'm on my 4th audi and had 3 Porsches when I was much oyunger.  My wife 
drives an Oldsmobile(her choice--she had a 5000--but the female 
salesperson and female service writer treated her badly when she was car 
shopping--hence the Olds--mediocre car but goo service), my older son has 
a Geo Prism (he commutes 100 miles a day round trip.  Thing is boring but 
bullet proof).  Younger son(age 20) has inherited a taste for the 
expensive things.  Wants a GTIVR6, will "settle" for a used 90q with 20 
valve.  I rold him about a bus pass.

Enjoy.  It only hurts for about 30 years.

Bill Murin
'89 100q