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A4 p/w motor problem

Today, my dealer replaced three out of the four power window motors
from my A4 (a fourth is being ordered).   Apparently, dealers are aware
of a problem with 1996 p/w motors and/or controllers.

Here's how it showed up in my car.  I press the down button to lower the
window.  I try to stop the window by pressing the button again.  Most of
the time, it will not stop until it hits bottom.  Once down, it takes a few
with the up button to raise the window.   I didn't really notice the problem
for a while, thinking that I was confusing the one-touch feature by holding
the button a little too long.  The problem did not just show up one day; it
progressively got worse.  BTW, resetting the one-touch feature as per the
manual does not help.

Is there any more information out there about this problem?  TSB's?
Why do I believe that I am re-living my former life with my 86 4000?   :-)

George Economou
96 A4Q
86 4KS