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UFO Upgrade/downgrade/advice

Im at a juncture where it would behoove me to update the brakes on my
91 200q.

I would like to keep the cost to a minimum. I can get a kit of some new,
some used parts from AVS for $1400 (The whole nine yards, suspension
pieces, calipers, rotors, pads, etc). Id like to think it can be done
for less than that with new/used parts, but I dont have the P/Ns. I
also dont want to downgrade the brakes, which is what Ive heard the
stock config. on this car *feels* like after driving on the UFOs. The
UFOs do stop very nice (for OE stuff, that is).

Are there any better alternatives than the stock set-up? How much?
(other than just drilled rotors, Cool Carbons/Pagid (or similar), etc).
What have yall done? Any vendors out there offering kits that might be
of interest? I seem to recall somebody was working on a UFO upgrade that
may not have required re-fitting the entire front suspension - Is this
even possible?

If nothing else, Id like to get the P/Ns for the stock set-up. If
someone could direct me to a source for the P/Ns for all the parts
involved in doing this, Id appreciate it. (I recall someone having a
list already posted for this on their site).

Any and all information on this topic would be *greatly* appreciated!



91 200q - wobbly brakes :-(
86 5ktq - stops straight, but slower than the UFOs :-|