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325iX vs. Quattro(read this one....)

Ok all, i did some research this past week with my friend and we came up 
with a comparison of the 325iX and the 90 quattro (1988 i believe).  They 
came to the conclusion that the iX had a superior all wheel drive system. 
 Well, that kind of hurt the argument that i had as i am always defending 
audi vs bimmer all the time.  so now i dont really have an argument that 
says that Audi is better...with facts at least...i KNOW that it is, but i 
dont have any facts about why it is.  I need some help guys, i know that 
alot of you out there really know about Audi's so i need some facts and 
opinions on which all wheel drive system is better... I look foward to 
any help that i may recieve...Thanks in advance.

i know that you probably already got this, but i didnt have a return 
address on it...so now i do...sorry for the duplicates...

Mike Williams
85 Coupe GT