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Re: BMW 325iX vs. Quattro

On Mar 31,  8:36pm, John Steves wrote:
> Subject: BMW 325iX vs. Quattro
> For info on 325ix, check out:
> http://www.trader.com/BMWCCA/misc/iXfaq.htm
> IMHO, this car is a piece of sh*t, and I generally like
> BMW's.
> The guy who maintains the FAQ had the audacity to say:
> "On a snowy surface, an iX fitted with a good set of snow tires
> (particularly with studded Hakkapelitta 10's) will absolutely
> leave any vehicle in a cloud of snow."

[laughing till tears roll down my face...]

The 325iX driver only *thinks* he's left surrounding vehicles
in a cloud of snow, because he can't see them through all the
snow he's kicking up.  Actually, they're all still there, parked
right next to him, wondering why he's making such a mess...