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S4 roadtests

Anyone know of other tests of the S4 (or for that matter S6).

Car & Driver has a multi car test April '92 (kind of a rough group to be
	in, S4 vs $64k M5 and an $88k 500E.  Audi finished third.
	Most interesting performance statistics:
		30-50 in top gear	50-70
	S4		9.7		7.0
	M5		9.1		9.4
	500E		3		3.5

	OK,OK the numbers (particularly 30-50) don't really mean 
	that much but nonetheless the Mercedes performance is pretty 

Road & Track has two mentions of the S4 in '92.   
	The first is a one pager early in the year (I don't have the exact
	month, March or April I think).

	The second is a road test in July '92.

Any more tests that anyone knows about?  I'm particularly interested
	in the (British) CAR magazine tests.