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RE: A good Rain Tire

Doyt wrote:

In a month or two, I am replacing the tires on my stock 86 4kcsq. What
would be the best _rain_ tire?  Size would be 195/60/HR 14.

I can speak firsthand about the two tires you mentioned.  The Goodyear
Aquatreads kick butt in the rain and snow, but they are hummers.  I have
them on my '90 CQ and at speeds above 70 mph, they hum A LOT, rather
loudly, too.  Their dry grip is only average and they tend to "heel over"
quickly in turns, giving a lot of plow rather than a good straight line.  I
have some concerns about their ability to dissapate heat, but only the
upcoming summer will yeild a true answer.  The Dunlop D60's, which I had on
my recently departed 5kt, are superior tires.  They lose some ground to the
Goodyear's in the rain, but make up for it in all other conditions.  I
recommend them highly and may swap out my Goodyears for a new set of the
Dunlops during the summer.  Your choice should depend upon the conditions
in which you do the bulk of your driving.  Ain't I just the Shell Answer
Man today!

Make mine German, Kevin McRae