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Hedgehogs and BMWs

>     BMW's Park Distance Control System.  Sonic waves are emitted from
>     the front bumper producing a warning call which alerts stray
>     animals to the approaching car.  This then encourages them to jump
>     into the nearest hedgerow.  Available from April 1 on selected
>     models, we believe it will be a resounding success with all road
>     users.  Both the two and four legged varieties.

there is a device that has been sold for 10-15 years in this country for
the purpose of chasing wildlife (mostly deer and such) from your darkened
path.  it is essentially a pair of ultrasonic whistles that mount on the
front bumper.  probly less than 10 bucks, no fancy electronic gizmos
necessary - works as well on a $500 yugo as a $50,000 bmw.

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