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Re: eurolite pics online (RPI Sale info)

frankbauer@thevine.net Wrote:

>>From my recollection of the EC project 4000CS Q, the headlights they
>>used are not the same as those in the website you posted.  EC used the
>>single reflector lights that maintain the stock side marker lights.

>stock shape, different color (more orangeish), different lens on the
>side markers in the H4-only euro headlight replacements vs US.
>ti kan's euros look like the coveted H1/H4 cibies (no side marker).
>not sure his particular model would work on the 85-87 because of the
>slanted grille, but they look (almost/exactly) the same.

_they work, (as in they light up when you switch them on), but they look a
bit stupid IMHO. I've seen a car with this setup here. (The problem is, the
'sloping' type lights are neigh-on impossible to get used in the scrapyards
here- BTDT, whereas the 'straight' type lights are ten-a-penny)


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