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RE: S4 costs

Thanks, Bruce.  I've only been on the list a few days; find it fascinating and educational.  Have had terrific reliability from my wife's '87 4000csq (purchased new, now has 162k miles), and plan (soon) to buy a used 10 or 20v turbo quattro for my own daily use.  Probably will make several of the performance upgrades you detailed.  Given that, which is likely to be more reliable -- a 10v or 20v TQ?  Am I asking for trouble if increase boost on TQ with 100k miles if the engine has been properly maintained.  I'd appreciate hearing from you or anyone else out there, since my only Audi experience to date (it's been a splendid 10 years!) has been with the normally aspirated 2.2 5cyl.

Thanks in advance,

Gary, in Denver
4000csq, '92 300ZX, '82 Datsun p.u., '74 260 V-8 (500hp) Z

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	Gary, in Denver--

	First, welcome to the list.  One big [sometimes] happy family.

	Second, here is what I have done to the  89 200tqw, and yes, I 
highly recommend everything done so far:

	(1)  Replaced the stock suspension with suspension kit sold by 
	Eric Fletcher, e-mail STEADIRIC@aol.com.  This kit is probably 
the most dramatic improvement I have made to the car.

	(2)  Motor oil = Mobil 1 synthetic; tranny / rear = Redline fluids.

	(3)  Replaced stock headlights with Euro lights from Metrix in 
Canada--dealt with Phillipe.  Outstanding move.  Check around on prices, 
I hear the price has since gone up--if you can buy from Phillipe at all.

	(4)  New intercooler hose [oem], timing belt, all other hoses, 
spark plug wires, Bosch Platins as plugs [F5DPOR?];  this stuff was also 
bought through STEADIRIC at prices I could not find anywhere; new 
multi-function temp sender, new WOT switch; K&N filter.

	(5)  Computer upgrade from Ned Ritchie at Intended Acceleration.  
Phone # was posted earlier today by someone.  Now show 1.8 boost.  No 
detonation on pump fuel with the higher compression motor.

	(6)  Tires = Dunlop D60A2's---would not buy these tires again.

	(7)  Buried kitty.

	To do in next 60 days:  Extrude hone w/ headwork; 3" exhaust w/ 
Cosworth tail; replace air box / intercooler / turbo maybe.

	Haven't kept track of costs, exactly, because you can't get out 
of an Audi what you put in it---unless you drive it until it plain dies.  
But, ballpark, I will probably have around $12,000 in the car, including 
purchase price [the one time I paid too much:)].

	Great car.  But, a ton of really great cars on this list.  I will 
be taking a different approach on the head, intercooler and turbo than 
most, but, whatever suits the buyer, right?