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Re: how to catch BMW

> Like steering feel.
> I don't know if Audi's is good or not, because I can't find any :-)
> For sporty purists, the BMW rack is much more communicative.

	I agree that Audi could do better, but if you can't find any 'steering
feel' in your Audi, go drive two random American rent-a-cars and call me
in the morning.
> .....conditions wins over some friends.  Answer me why Audi keeps
> putting
> all-season tires on supposedly sporty models like the S4, A4q, etc?

	Why not, in addition to heavy doses of sportiness, it is also one or
two parts luxury, right?
> Ask too why Audi's cars are consistently less powerful than their direct
> competitors.
> My _mother_ thinks the A6q is slightly anemic.

	That is the BIGGEST question of all! Why o' why can't they get their
f#^#@n' heads out of their arss and notice us power hungry Americans.
BMW has. Judging from the engines Audi designs and delivers, I think if
Audi engineers were ever to take a serious ride in a 540i, they'd prolly
start screaming like a girl to let them out. Audi's shortfalls are SO
goddamn obvious to everyone and yet annually Audis are underpowered. And
with no brute strength to stop, they have lame brakes which combine to a
second or third place finish, time and time again. Somebody has to wake
up over there in La-La Land, or is it Putt-Putt Land?

> Does the A4 pull like a 3-series with the beautiful inline 6?


> Do they have anything (in the USA) to take on the M3?
> (mit 240 hp, 17" 40-series tires and wonderful recarro seats?).


> Let's not be so chauvanistic as to overlook Audi's errors.
> They do make errors, IMO.

	At least two IMO.