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Subject: V8 lights on a 4000?


That V8 kit that JT has is a grill piece that goes over the entire front
end, from orange light to orange light.  It's about 3/4 of an inch to
and inch wide at the top, and surrounds the grill.  It's supposed to
make the car look like it has the new style front end with the grill
being part of the hood.  Can you picture it?

They guy at JT is like that.  I think his name is Peter.  I've heard a
WHOLE lot of people bad mouth him, including other shops.  However, when
I talked to him, and bought my springs, he was actually pretty cool.  I
guess you could say he's got a big head about ABT, he says he's THE
North American distributor, everyone with ABT in the U.S. gets it from
him.  Don't know if it's true, if it is I guess that means he deals
mainly with big shops on credit, and sometimes doesn't have the patience
to explain or sell anything one-on-one.

He actually didn't have any cash to give me change for my springs (no
cash register, etc.), so I got a little discount on them.  Neat, huh.

I'd explain more, but I'm late for work.

See ya,


>Kwattro wrote:
>Hey all, not too long ago, I was browsing Euro Car for great deals and ran
>accross a small add for JT motorsport.  They claim to have a V8 kit for
>coupe/4000's.  I called them, and they told me that I would have to buy the
>catalog to get more info.  How rude.  Anyone else see this?

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