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Re: UrQ cruise control

> I have the cruse on my 83urq working but the system surges. Makes me seasick.
> New switches on the pedals and a new brain and new vacuum lines all around
> got me this far. Any suggestions?
... I had this same problem on my '83 urQ when I had undersized (205/50-15) 
Gatorbacks installed (I don't know how it was with the 215/50-15 P7Rs it 
originally had as the CC was broken then).  Interestingly enough I installed 
a set of 205/60-15s on 15J6 wheels and the car calmed down.  I haven't done
much freeway driving on the Fuchs/SP8000s to see if the problem has returned.

I wonder if a slow to spool turbo could cause a similar problem ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)