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5K Start Prob Gone!

The hot start problem is fixed on my Q.  Turned out to be a bad ignition
timing ref sensor, just like everyone told me.  The code was "2112", but my
previous experience with other equipment that had self-dignostic capability
has been so bad that I didn't believe it, I couldn't understand how the sensor
could be faulty one minute and good the next.  Total cost: $99.50 for the
sensor, $60.00 for labor.  I feel a bit like a dope.  Thanx to everyone for
their suggestions.

However, I did fix a potentially expensive problem with $1.00 worth of parts. 
The turbo coolant pump wasn't operating.  Ohmed out the wiring, pump runs ok,
must be the relay.  Opened the relay and sure enough, its expensive little
guts are charred.  Managed to get a part number off the burnt transistor
(SGS-Thomson BD435), got a data sheet off the Thomson web page, went to RShack
and found a comparable NPN transistor(TIF-31), soldered it in place along with
a new, beefier 1/2 watt 100 ohm resistor from the junk drawer, plugged it in,
and WOW! it WORKS!  The relay is $105.00 from the dealer, $80.64 from Carlsen.
RShack transistor was 99 cents.  

Just goes to show the Audi gods have their benevolent moments too.  Now, if
they will just indulge me in my search for a new injector cooling blower...